The Inexplicable Beauty of being a woman

I listened today as a man live on radio compared women with “vampires”, and I really felt sorry for us as a society. It is indeed true that we do have some really ‘bad’ women; but as a society, we need to appreciate the role of women in building an equitable economy and in improving the economic livelihood of our communities. No society can ever thrive while ignoring the role of women. Indeed, these selfless creatures form the backbone that has for long held our families and communities together. Yet for long, women and children have borne the wrath of the greed and brutality of men; and in most cases, they do it without complaining; like a divine task bestowed on them by our creator.

Women are simple beings, but the environment that we have exposed them to as men has played a key role in evolving them in order to survive in an extremely ruthless and unfair society. the truth is that a majority of men abdicated their roles as heads of their families long ago, leaving women to bear the burden of not just being mothers and fathers to their children; of being the bread winners to their families. Why then should we insult them when they can no longer hold the bitterness of our actions as men? the pain we cause them, the mental torture we put them through and the physical strain that we have exposed them to. What about the fear and agony of abandoning them as they age after being around them in their best days and then running away when age starts showing on their faces? When the youthful beauty we lusted for starts fading and age starts catching up? when we forget the toils we went through with them trying to establish a family and now that things are better, she has to watch you waste every coin with women and girls who don’t know the pain of wanting and lacking? the pain that it took both of you to build what you have?
Majority of kids being born today are from single mums; most of you reading this are sons and daughters of single mothers; me included, or are single mums yourselves. And unless you are a part of this, you really don’t know the pain of motherhood. A few days ago, a lady friend of mine called me and told me that she is selling her house just to send her daughter to School. I felt sorry for her; here is a woman, who has worked tirelessly to build a life for her family, yet at the hour of need, she has to sacrifice her life’s investment for the better of her child. Imagine if such a woman had a man to compliment her efforts? And it caught me on how selfless a woman can be; so loving; a love that can only be quantified to God’s love for us: unconditional, Inexplicable.
I know of women who gave up everything for their men, yet ended up in tears; of women who sacrificed their careers to take care of their families, yet years later, the best their husbands gave them in return is pain. So simple are their acts, yet so complex is their impacts. they clean for us, wash our clothes every day, iron our clothes and prepare our children dutifully every day without complaining; nurse us when we are unwell and spend every minute worrying about our welfare; can we ever be able to pay them back for all this?

True, a wounded woman is more lethal than a terrorist: as i argued earlier, a woman can kill the man she loves if he doesn’t appreciate her love back; the same way, she can kill for the man she loves if she has to do it. women in a way are the simplest beings ever; provided that they feel secure. they have a way of making complex things look simple; of finding solutions to problems that would cause men to go to war. Love changes women to some perfect creatures; full of compassion and hope. If you have to give money to a woman to keep her, or have to constantly pamper her to keep her happy, trust me there is no love there. It doesn’t mean that you should not give gifts for her, but when a woman loves, the simplest gift that reflects your appreciation for her will always give her an everlasting smile. But the best gift you can ever give her is your time.
At least, a little love could do; a little praise to show them that we appreciate them; that we acknowledge their good deeds. A thank you to our mothers, sisters, aunties and all the ladies around us would do!

The power of being a woman

Yester-night as i was travelling from town heading to Thika, two women boarded the matatu i was travelling in at Ruiru town. It was raining heavily and as usual muddy and flooded. The women were aged, and like most market women, each was carrying a basket wrapped on their backs and a sack on their hands. From the look, they were all tired and my guess was that they were market women “mama mboga” just from supplying us with vegetables for our evening meal. it was past 10 in the evening and so as the tout pushed them into the already crowded matatu; my heart sunk. and i got thinking deeply about this wonderful creation called a woman and in particular an African woman.

I had escorted a friend to a burial ceremony at his home place in Nakuru; so i had spent my day around his parents. So happy to see us and you should have seen my smile when the four motherly women gave me a hug; with that hearty laughter and smile; so comforting that I just felt at home. You see, there is some divine beauty about women; about our mothers and sisters that we can barely explain. In every economy, women are the backbone that hold it together; from the mama mbogas that we rarely appreciate; to the cleaning lady who was our clothes and sweep our streets every evening to our wives and mothers who beautifully tend to all our needs even in our adulthood; there is something inexplicably beautiful that God in His divine wisdom gave to women. they smile at us even when the world around them is crumbling: they never fail to reassure us. they sacrifice their best to make us happy, spend every minute of their lives selflessly trying to mother us. and even when things move from bad to us, they stand with us; its a love that we can rely on any day.

Unfortunately, the pain we consistently put them through is unimaginable. As men, husbands, sons and daughters; we fail to realize that these women deserve to be appreciated. Yet in an unimaginable way, they are able to turn this pain into power. their role in the society rarely appreciated; and in some African societies, these wonderful beings have been turned to beast of burdens that bear the blunt of our social, political and economic failures. ur mere service to our womanhood being the sweet messages that we post on social media on mother’s day; words that we have never said in person to them.

Women are more discerning than men, more calculating, more thoughtful, more spiritual, more loyal, and more disciplined and they can handle emotional pain and psychological torture far better than men. A woman can suffer trauma, deprivation, shame, sheer cruelty and beatings from a man and still stay with him simply for the sake of the children. A woman can do anything and take anything for, or from, a man that she truly loves. A woman can be the most vicious and dangerous of all God’s creatures when she is hurt and scorned and when her love is not returned (Femi Fani). She can kill for a man she truly loves; but she can also kill the man she truly loves if her love is never reciprocated by him. she can give up her life for a man; she can build a man she truly loves or destroy the man she loves if that will help her keep him. She is a devil and a god in one; her wrath more dangerous when wounded than that of a wounded lion. I believe that its in this wisdom that God instructed us in His holy book :” Husbands, love your wives just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up to her”

This reminds me of the ever beautiful song by Shaggy: “Strength of a woman

So amazing how this world was made
I wonder if GOD is a woman
The gift of life astounds me till this day
I give it up for the woman
She’s the constant wind that fills my sail
Oh that woman
With her smile and her style,my
She’ll protect like a child
That’s a woman

She’ll put a smile upon your face
And take you to that (ah) higher place
So don’t you under estimate
The strength of a woman
The strength of a woman

Woke up this morning
I got up with the scent of a woman
Just picture if you could what life would be
Ain’t much good without a woman
She can nag and be a constant pain
Oh that woman
But those hips she’s got me whipped
And it’s just to hard to resist
What a woman

Tender lips that’s so so sweet
Gentle words she softly speaks
Such an angel when we need
GOD bless the ground beneath her feet
She can take you on a high
Be your comfort when you cry
But if you look into her eyes
You’ll see the strength of a woman
Strength of a woman


Why I feel sorry for Tharaka-Nithi county

I have never hidden my disappointments with Tharaka-Nithi county leadership. If anything, I’m mad at the governor, mad at the county executive and mad at the parliamentary representatives who have blindly left the county to sink to new lows without any decisive plans of turning the potential of our county into economic results for our people. I say this because TNC as it is known is a land like no other, a land blessed with abundance resources that can turn around the lives of our people to greater strengths if well tapped. But instead, what we have within our citizenly is a disillusioned people; a people who can barely afford a living but resilient enough to keep moving.

The role of every county government is to organize its people and resources to build a stable economy for the county residents. But our county officials turned into guzzlers of public resources who only wait for money from Nairobi and the little from the county levies to consume without shame without thinking of the needs of the residents. I doubt if there is any long term policy that the county has for steering the county forward. We watch painfully as our county resources go to waste and do nothing. Our mangoes go to waste and never make it to the market as we transport our milk to Kiambu and Nairobi for processing; our avocadoes are eaten by dogs as we watch. Instead of the county coming up with plans on how farmers can be assisted to gain from this, they are busy campaigning for the next election. How can we ever grow our county if we can’t establish industries within our county to process and market these products. Value addition has been considered a key step towards growing any economy, instead of thinking of what resources we have and how beneficial they can be in driving an economy, we still want to do business as usual.

The youths of TNC are a big disappointments themselves. Young souls torn between the political rivalry that exists between the Chuka, Maara and Tharaka people. And to gain politically, all efforts in the recent past have been directed towards dividing the Igambang’ombe residents from Chuka by creating discontent. Instead of these youths thinking about the future of the communities in TNC as being intertwined, we run around divided and let our politicians use us for their own gain. Politics of division doesn’t help us; what we should be discussing are the credentials of those vying for positions. We should be busy analyzing their track records in leadership and integrity and not looking at which part of the county they come from. And the sad thing is that it’s the young men and women of TNC who still have this mindset.

Even more, we value money more than anything. The people who have been employed by the county government have not wasted time doing anything but stealing. Yes they are our brothers and sisters, but leadership is not about enriching yourself but servant leadership. It’s said that the only way to the king’s palace is through the servant quarters; nobody seems to think of this. We are a bandit county.

Not only is the future of our society at risk, but our livelihood too. For long we have let failed leaders chart our path; blinded by nothing but greediness; coming back only five years after we elected them to beg for our votes. And like sheep we follow; we are so cheap that we are bribed with a few hundreds to sell our dignity. And as elections near, the hawks are back again; having done nothing for five years and asking for five more years to do nothing. It hurts seeing young men and women being turned into choir boys for the corrupt and incompetent leaders. But life still goes on…

The challenge of the rising gay community in Kenya

Homosexuality is a topic that elicits mixed reaction whenever it pops up in any discussion. It for long has deeply divided us as a community between those who support it and those who loath it deeply. The worst admission is that the biggest threat to the survival of our society today is the continued rise of the gay community in Kenya. Once or twice, I bet every dude in social media has been hit on by a gay guy; the biggest challenge being how you respond to these men and tell them that you are straight without hurting their feelings.

I don’t really know and I have never understood how a man could be sexually interested with another man. And I bet that gay people wonder how a man can be interested in a woman too. That admission alone makes me believe that to some extent, being gay could be derived from something deeper than just societal leanings and the westernization of society. To a straight man, the thought of the sexual encounter between two men alone is just despicable. I personally believe that gayism is evil, because apart from offering sexual pleasure between two men, it simply ends up there. But then again I realize that the fact that it’s only for pleasure doesn’t really make it evil; sex too between a man and a woman was meant to achieve the same greatly only that our Pastors lie to us that it sex was only meant for procreation. Somebody told me that gayism is the last challenge from the devil on his mission to wipe out the human race. Yet the more our society turns a blind eye to the challenge of the rising gay community, the more it continues to spread its wings among the Kenyan men. From the young to the old, nobody has been spared. And the worst thing is that gays have always portrayed their woes as social rights issues, making their problems our problem thus trying to save face in the eyes of the society.

I don’t even for once propose that we should hate gays. To support the words of Desmond Tutu, I am certain that God himself is not homophobic. The reason is that God doesn’t hate anybody; and the gospel of Christ and the love that Jesus preached is the kind of love where you hate the sin in a person yet love that person. But that doesn’t mean He supports gayism; I know it must be painful for him watching his creation sink to these new lows. It is in His wisdom that He created a man and a woman for companionship.

Most of the gay men are in relationships; I once asked one how it felt being with a wife and a kid yet being gay; the kind of pain and shame that they expose their spouses and children to because I bet every woman would find it easy for their husband to betray them with another woman than with another man. What would drive a man to admire my plain, hard, shapeless and ugly ass; I can’t even imagine. It’s an evil that I know even Satan himself is ashamed of.

I tend to imagine how our future society will look like and I feel sorry; the end of humanity is really near. The church is deeply asleep and even some churches openly support gays; it’s shameful to our religious leaders who are supposed to uphold the morality of our society. But this is not a wonder considering that many of our leaders are gays. Tell me what happens to our young boys in school when their teacher is secretly gay, when the Church pastor is secretly gay or even your local political leaders. The result is that our young boys will be sodomized and secretly lured into this act. It’s not once or twice that we have seen this on TV or heard it on radio.

The boy child has become a threatened species. Yet any time we talk about this growing threat, others come in and talk about human rights. I think it’s the high time we thought about the well being of the society and the social rights of the society at large. It’s time we held the bull by the horns. And perhaps the only option that remains is to accept each other and treat each other equally socially without discrimination; this will make men be open about being gay without any fear. And at the same time, stop the gay community from forcing their doctrine down our throats. Our society has already transformed so much for us to close our eyes on the happenings around us; hence embracing the modern world and planning how to thrive in it could be a lesser evil. Because as much as I hate admitting, we have little control of our lives, a combination of forces above our control influence and define our lives. Thus believing in fate and destiny would simply mean that we accept that being gay is not a choice for the gay community; it’s a drive that is above their control. Learning to live together as a community could be the only better option for us; treating each other fairly and equally would thus ensure the dignity of all of us our sexual orientation notwithstanding.

Uhuru Kenyatta: the best president that Kenya will ever have

They say that a Messiah is never welcome in his home town; I can’t agree better with any statements this morning. To cut the chase; I have been a supporter of Uhuru Kenyatta; I still is; and I will forever be. Sometimes I felt offended by him, like a boyfriend girlfriend thing, but I have realized that we are inseparable. I love Uhuru, I ain’t a Kikuyu FYI, and so for those already thinking that this is another tribal dog, you are wrong. He is the best president that Kenya will have, he is an honest man. If we were allowed to vote as many times as possible for a candidate, He would get a million votes from me. Sometimes I shed tears when I see him speak, and I never forget to wish him well every day. He is My president: I stood by him in 2013 and he doesn’t have to say anything to convince me to vote for him in 2017, he has my vote.

I remember my classmates almost beat me up in 2002 when I hang his poster in our classroom; supporting him has been my full time job. I waited for long to see him president, and I am proud of him. I have no doubt that he has the interest of our nation at heart; and I know years after his presidency, we will look back and thank God for letting UK be our president. He is not just cozy with everybody, but his smile is genuine, he speaks his heart out, he is honest and charming and you can just confuse him for a common dude in the hood ware it not for his famous face. I just wish we have given him the space that he needs to make independent decisions, free from the tribal undertones and sentiments.

I heard him speak about Kenyans when he was in Israel, and I realized the difficult situation we have put him in. We worship the corrupt, we demonstrate outside courts and anti-corruption offices in their support whenever their corruption cases are going on, then curse the president for not fighting corruption. We call the corrupt our heroes line up on the streets to cheer them; those who have stolen billions of our money come to us or support and turn their woes to our problems, then stand up and say how the government has failed us. When he sacks the corrupt, it becomes a community affair of ‘the government is fighting us”. We are the first to give bribes then say our society is corrupt. Yes, the president was right; we have failed him, we have failed our country! We deserve what we are getting. I feel sorry for my country, for my people.

My president My Choice!!!


Why RailaOdinga will never be the president of Kenya

Many say that he is the best president that Kenya will ever have; a crowd puller; a bold and charismatic politician. His supporters believe he has won the presidency twice but it has been stolen from him, he has made them believe so. CORD leader Raila Odinga is a man loved and hated in equal measure within and outside our Country’s boundaries. Ask any Kenyan about Kenyan politics and believe me, the chances are that the topic will change to Raila this and Raila that. To his supporters especially in his rural backyard, Raila is a demigod; and believe me, if he stood up tomorrow and told them that he just realized he is the promised Messiah, son of God himself to which Oginga was used as a delivery vessel just like Mary and Joseph of the Bible, they will believe him without questions. How he manages to instill that cult following among his supporters baffles many. Those who love him love him with an unquestionable loyalty: it’s a gang that can kill for him or even do anything that he commands. He just needs to say it or be perceived to be saying so. Those who hate him do so still with a passion. And this is the greatest threat to the son of Oginga of ever being the Kenyan president.

He cuts across as a politician and an activist all in one package, but his failures as a politician and a leader betray his democratic credentials. On democracy, the truth is that Raila does not believe in anything: even what he fights for: he has no space for a divergent opinion: he is the ceremonial community god and the judge whose word his final. His handling of opponents within his Luo Nyanza backyard tells it all. It is no wonder that no politician close to him can ever contradict him in public, even when he is wrong. The perception that one has a different opinion to that of ‘baba’ as they call him is an automatic end to you as a politician in Luo land. Even learned fellows like Anyang Nyongo and James Orengo were forced to eat humble pie and side with their master for their political survival. Watching these two minds sing and dance for Mr. Odinga, shout praises in his honor and even publickly call him ‘baba’ makes me hate being a academician. Talk of cowards dressed in national colors but wrapped in baby pampers. And I bet it’s possible to hear these two learned fellows speak in public about the value of confidence and why fear should never rule over you.

To many others, Raila is the unchallenged “lord of poverty”, as he was described by the Jubilee side. Who can really doubt that? We need to consider his support base as a testimony versus his development credentials. His Luo backyard is one of the poorest constituencies in the country: perhaps some will argue that the government has neglected these places but I would beg to differ. Consider this, whenever the government introduces any new development projects in Luo Nyanza, local politicians gang up to bring them down. With the message that those projects are meant to entice the locals to support the government of the day; and with a citizenly that for long have been held hostage by the Odinga family, these projects never see the light of the day. Any Luo politician who seems to be development minded is without a doubt cast out and portrayed as the government’s mole in the opposition. Consider Raphael Tuju and what he went through; even without going back to history, consider Ken Obura and the challenges he has faced as an MP in Kisumu. Raila uses poverty to control the masses, no wonder no development projects in his locality can be attributed to him. All the areas he enjoys massive support from wallow in poverty: from Kisumu to Kibera, to Coast, Western and the new catch UK (Ukambani). These areas are under developed with a clear lack of basic facilities and any government projects in these areas is politicized such that locals turn against them. In the case of Ukambani, Governor Mutua is a good case of how the Raila mentality has been extended to blind his supporters to reject good politicians at the altar of political sycophancy. Kalonzo should now be feeling cosy with Raila, because they have one thing in common, Anti-development. These two politicians have been in leadership for decades; yet they have been unable to initiate any meaningful development in there. Tell me a worse crime than that, it’s a crime against humanity such that these leaders stand socially guilty of any deaths that occur because of lack of basic amenities such as food, hospitals, shelter and stuff in their political bases. Raila’s message year after year to his supporters is that he is the only one who will ever save them from their economic doom: that no government apart from one led by him can rescue them. But his stint as kenya’s prime minister betrays this notion. I remain to be convinced that he did anything for his people when he was the PM. He betrayed them; the only people who benefited are his close allies who got a chance to cut corrupt deals during that time. Raila is a self-seeking politician who only thinks of power; and that becomes the easiest way to beat him. Can Raila fight corruption? Never, just look at all the people around him, the likes of Muthama and ‘Moyes’ Wetangula.

Raila has also made so many enemies in the country that his presidency is untenable. Asked if Raila can be the president, former internal security minister the late John Michuki said that Raila can never win the election; and if he were to win, he would not survive even for a year. As a national leader and as the president in waiting, Raila has stepped on the toes of the military and other security forces and on the toes of other important leaders both local and regionally. In the case of military, it is not once that Mr. Odinga has fired his attacks on them. At one point, he allegedly accused KDF of smuggling goods from Somalia and even called on the government to stop the Somalia operation because the soldiers were sleeping with the enemy. Clearly his opinion on the Kenyan military makes any soldier loath the idea of a Raila presidency. No president can ever be in power without the support of the military, never.

The last nail on the coffin that kills any chance of a Raila presidency is the Kikuyu support. I’m not a Kikuyu, but lets admit it, Kikuyu’s control a large chunk of our economy: without their support, no president can control the economy of this state. All the former presidents in Kenya have had the support of this community; they needed it. To a large extent, Moi retained power because he was able to divide the Kikuyu community especially between 1992 and 2002 when opposition politics were heating up. Even at the tail end of his 24 year rule, Moi knew that only a Kikuyu (Uhuru) had a fair chance of replacing him. He was right. The question is, can Raila Odinga win the support of this support base? He lost that chance, he will never get it. And fact be said, Kikuyu’s are industrious, hardworking and more, Kikuyu’s are really good people. Perhaps a few are corrupt, but just a few. Most others earn some decent honest living. I have lived among them, and I know why no government or presidential candidate can ignore them.

The big question is, What about the Kalenjin vote, will it vote for Jubilee or it’s now a divided  house which gives Raila a chance? But history has it all for us; Kalenjins might seem divided during campaigns, but they always know where to vote. Consider 2002, 2007, 2013 and even 2017, William Ruto has his math right, and you can’t get to the Kalenjin vote without going through him for now. And with Uhuru having the support of Kalenjin and Kikuyu, Raila has no chance: not in this generation.

And by the way, its time Raila realized that a majority of us were not born when he was fighting for multi-party in Kenya, so he needs something else to convince us to vote for him.

Seven Golden rules in Life

As I celebrate 3 decades in life there is no better way than to share some golden rules I have known with time, each worthy a decade lived, a friend I have met and an encounter with God:


    People you admire from a distance are just masks you wish you were or are a part of you. Real friends are the ones you are close to, totally unmasked and yet you love them despite their filth. Their strengths mask your filthy weaknesses making you that strong stranger that is admired by others.


    In him Christ we find our being. I have lived with successful men and women. Some of them trying their best to taint the gospel, disdain the servants of God. I have watched they so called success, only to realize the void in them which they fight by cursing the elect but wasting in the inside. I have befriended atheist who claim there is no God only to realize its a bitterness within that only Christ can wash clean. I have been friend to Muslims and other religions, some are just mere victims of their birth places groping in darkness and fearlessly fighting for their prophet and faith. I have searched into other faiths in attempt to fault-find this Jesus, Only to find he is the only perfect being the representation of God himself.


    This cannot be overstated. It took Jesus only 12 years to argue with elders and share deep wisdom. King Joash and Josiah governed with 7 and 8 years respectively and left a greater positive impact than the older kings. Am yet to mention Moses who matured up at age 40, later saved by his young son circumcision blood, because he had bypassed the rite to maturity. I have younger friends who speak and live a life demonstrating wisdom. Its not the increase of white hair but the abundance of brains from God that governs a man’s speech and way of life.


    In our digital age life has been defined by vain friends, seeking popularity, virtual vain friends and all sorts of vanity living. Knowing ones purpose solves the quagmire of seeking identity from friends. A person who knows their purpose is excited to wake up and face the day, that’s a dynamite that needs no pressure to explode.


    This is a law of power that works on your enemies only not friends


    Self administered Bitter pills of unforgiveness blinds your destiny.


The day you rejoice over a friends blessings, then count yourself worthy blessing. Jealous is a sign of hatred to success.



Religion and the foundation of Christianity


Jewish Worshipers

There is this intriguing thing about religion. All of us, in one way or another identify with some religion, some belief. According to karI Marx, religion is the Opium of humanity. If you want to conquer somebody, try to introduce certain dogmatism to that person. Once he accepts your dogma, you have already conquered him. Because religion is a very strong force in the society, you can hardly separate the society from its religious beliefs. That is why you find that once a child is born within a Muslim family, it will be very hard to convert that person to something else, because religion is the opium of the mind. I believe in God, in Christian faith; not because I was born and brought up from a Christian background, but because I have questioned every aspect of the Christian faith and what I believe versus what Christianity stands for and I have no doubts that even if I was to die and realize there is no judgment day, I would still serve my God. I have no rights to question what others believe, because I know in their own ways, they are right.

Christianity over time has evolved; from the time of Abraham who we consider the father of Israel to what we have today. When God called Abraham, He was trying to establish a relationship with Israel which had been lost as recorded in Genesis chapter 3. Israel like an adulterous woman has always deviated from the teachings of God, up to today. It’s no wonder that only 15% of Israelites are Christians. With a majority practicing Judaism as their true religion. A majority of Israelites to date don’t believe that Jesus was the true messiah, and they are still waiting for their messiah to be born. Therefore Abraham was called to establish this relationship. However, Israel failed in her part, in her divine role as an instrument of bringing salvation to the rest of mankind. Despite the constant reminder from the prophets, Israel completely failed.

Because of this, God had to look for an alternative way of bringing the lost man back to the garden of Eden. That is why he sent Jesus Christ to come and bring reconciliation between man and God. Jesus himself was born and brought up in line with the Jewish rich heritage, so He was a Jew by birth and he had to undertake all the rituals; he had to fulfill all the requirements; all what it takes to be a Jew. Unfortunately, the Jews never acknowledged him as the Messiah; to them, he was an illegitimate son of Joseph and Mary and could not come to term with him as the messiah. Therefore, they crucified Him and actually they are looking forward to the birth of their messiah. When Jesus was crucified, he resurrected and very few people could still agree on His resurrection, some of the Pharisees including Paul started now persecuting the church for some time until Saul was changed to Paul.

Now, the Gospel was taken from the Jews, according to one of the sermons that Jesus gave in the church at Nazareth; he argued that there were many widows in Israel but Elijah was only sent to the widow at Sidon and not any other widow in Israel. Meaning that the gospel of Christ is now taken; God is now going to remove the good news from the original owners and he is going to establish a holy nation, He is going to now use the gentiles (non-Jews) in His salvation work. So, in the New Testament particularly in the letters, (Paul letters), Paul is now a messenger for the gentiles. To me and you.  That we are the chosen people, the chosen generation to spread the good news of salvation around the world.




Chuka-Igambangombe MP Muthomi Njuki

Tharaka-Nithi County (TNC) is a county that has always been under siege. Well known country wide for turning around Raila Odinga’s win by its massive vote for Mwai Kibaki during the 2007 elections, the county is one of a kind in terms of resources and its friendly people. For starters, I’m certain there is no friendlier community whose cheerfulness and philanthropy can match the great people of TNC. From the drunks who you will always find lying helpless around the poorly maintained market places to the mama mboga’s, the people here are one of a kind. The ladies here are exceptionally beautiful, and as the saying goes, you will never find a more loyal and trustworthy wife than from Meru. Men here are really good too; thou my bif with a majority of them is that they really don’t know how to dress, me included, and a majority of them are either into veve or alcohol, most turning to lazy brats who only care about food and sleep. Actually, alcohol rules the day here, Mututho rules rarely apply here, but the people of Meru always know how to mix work and the bottle, and it all works fine. Local brews are largely available almost in every village, but the people here enjoy their drink in peace. You have never heard of men going blind in the larger Meru after consuming our home made drink, never. Our local brews are more hygienic than Dasani water; the brewers never driven by greed but by the love of fellow kinsmen. In any case, there is no beautiful scenery then a group of kinsmen seated under a tree slowly sharing their drink and remembering the good old days. For those who can’t carry themselves after a heavy drinking spree, they can comfortably sleep in the trenches and trust me, not even mosquitoes will bother them.

In terms of development, TNC is poorly developed; for 50 years, there was no single tarmac road apart from the Meru-Nairobi highway. Our blinded and unquestionable support for our brother’s from central Kenya had for long borne nothing. But the face of Chuka town 102 years after it was founded has changed in the last two years. Traditionally, a dusty and forgotten town, but today, a fresh coat of tarmac shines all around the town courtesy of the Jubilee government and the efforts off the industrious Chuka-Igambang’ombe MP Muthomi Njuki and our able senator,  prof. Kindiki. A tarmac also runs from Chuka town to Mount Kenya forest via Kiang’ondu. The town has really been transformed. Other road projects are also underway; with the commissioning of the Chogoria-Mutindwa-Kianjagi-Kiriani road; Chuka-Kanwa road; and several other road projects, the Jubilee government seems to have really come to the aid of this struggling county. And for this, I salute Muthomi Njuki and prof. Kindiki

The main economic backbone of the majority of residents is farming. The county, being located at the slopes of Mount Kenya largely receives adequate rainfall in the month of March-May and Oct-December, which makes it favorable for both food crops and cash crops production. Tea and coffee are the major cash crops in this region. For some unknown reason, even president Kibaki was unable to dismantle the cartels that control the coffee sector despite a majority of central Kenya residents being dependent on the two crops for their livelihood. President Uhuru seems to have largely failed on the same too. Almost all other food crops including maize, beans, and potatoes among others will be found here. The lower sections of the county are usually semi-arid, receiving little amounts of rainfall per season. But hardy crops like cassavas, millet, peas, sorghum and such others do well here. TNC is really a land of potential. Blessed with a river almost every one kilometer, the harnessing of these invaluable resources can really transform the lives of millions in the county and behold.

Despite all these resources, poverty rules almost every village in the County. The county leadership has fully let down the citizens of this county. In fact it should not be called TNC county government but TNC county Cartels. From the lame duck governor who operates like a lone soldier to the corrupt MCAs out of touch with the needs of the common citizen, we really sold our souls to the devil by voting them in. But this was to be expected; a few days before the last election, I asked on a certain TNC facebook group if really Dr. Ragwa and Petkay were the best people to present to the voters as alternatives for the county leadership. Insults flared. Dr. Ragwa has for long been a failed prototype; he failed as a hospital administrator in all his appointments; the last being his failed role as the administrator of Chogoria hospital. He never deserved even to be on the ballot for such a position. People who fail in small duties should never be trusted with big ones. Right now, the nurses and doctors in the county have paralyzed medical services in the county, thanks to our able governor. This is the hundredth time this is happening under his watch. For Petkay Miriti, he should have retired years ago. Having worked under president Moi within the intelligence and then failed as the MP upon the death of former MP Captain Mbuba Ntwiga, electing Petkay as the governor could have been another grave mistake. No elected county official deserves to be re-elected. Electing them back will be entrenching impunity; it will be insult to our faces and trust me, they will urinate on our heads. Men and women who think that they can steal from us then bribe us with our money for our votes. The last time I went home in December, garbage was spread to our door step. Rotten, stinking garbage in every section of Chogoria town. They however came to collect it early January on a small land rover which had to run back and forth 10 times to finish the job. The MCA’s are each given 50 million every year by the governor, ask them where it all goes to. And with a county speaker who has no academic qualification, you really wonder where the learned men and women in the county went to.

TNC needs leadership, and we have very able people within the county. A good case is Prof. Njoka the Vice chancellor of Chuka University. The professor has built Chuka university to be among some of the most prestigious universities in Kenya behold the expectations of many and within a duration of less than 10 years. These are the kind of able men that we need in leadership, not proved failures. We have men and women of capabilities; the likes of Eric Mawira Gitari, the sharpest brain I have ever seen and Mutwiri Miriti wa Mwiandi; please come home and take over the leadership. Edwin Mutwiri (Spear), is another very young and capable man, I wish he can shed off his naivety and assume his role in transforming our leadership.